Proof Load & Testing & Inspection Services

EMF has extensive capabilities for proof loading and testing including unique inspection services suitable for a range of industries and applications. We have the in-house capacity to verify critical loads up to 200,000 lbs. with higher loads possible. EMF has the knowledge, expertise, and the ability to handle direct, vertical, and multi-directional loads. Testing parameters include load, deflection, reaction, and pressure levels. Our inspection protocols include electronic data logging, testing result logging, and multiple channels. A variety of highly developed tests for functionality and performance are carried out under the supervision of highly trained and experienced engineers including load cell, non-destructive, pressure, acceptance testing, and calibrated weighing to name a few.

In addition to proof load testing and inspections, EMF provides a menu of value-added services including product development, prototyping, project management, troubleshooting, and engineering services. All of our products and processes are held to the highest industry standards, employing lean manufacturing methods and documented quality systems. Questions regarding our proof load and testing/inspection services or the other solutions available, please contact us directly.