Advanced Mechanical Design Solutions

EMF is a proud provider of advanced mechanical design solutions, leveraging our PhD level professionals for a range of projects including structural, pneumatic, automated, lifting structures, fixtures, safety factor, and specialized environment designs. Our thorough capabilities include design, integration, assembly, project management, consulting, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping. We adhere to industry-standard practices, utilizing time-saving concurrent engineering techniques along with finite element analysis and failure analysis methods. Our OSHA compliant engineering procedures encompass designing for manufacturability, envelope design, and material selection. We employ decades of knowledge regarding product and systems engineering, producing large and small structures, precision weldments, custom components as well as communication structures, and space systems handling and testing.

Project accuracy and quality are ensured with sophisticated static and dynamic testing procedures, including non-destructive, material verification, calibrated weighing, load cell, and hardness methods among others. We have also developed comprehensive quality assurance and control methods, and apply 5S and lean manufacturing techniques for optimized efficiency. For more details or if you have questions about the mechanical design services available at EMF, or the other high-quality services offered please contact us directly.