Custom Assembly & Integration Services

EMF offers experienced custom assembly and integration services, with capabilities including on-site service, removal and replacement, installation, refurbishing, press fittings, jig check, and riveting. We have assembled a range of products including covers, soft goods, military hardware, flight aircraft parts, mechanisms, and lighting fixtures. Our integration expertise includes building to match existing products, retrofitting, upgrading, modifications, and building into mechanical and electrical systems. EMF specializes in installing components including bearings, rivets, fasteners, and controls.

An array of processes are employed to produce customer designed parts: alignment, balancing, electrical bonding, grounding, non-metallic bonding, adhesive bonding, and thermal shrink-fit techniques. Reliable shipping options include specialized containers, permitted wide load, and conditioned shipping. All parts are thoroughly inspected for accuracy and integrity utilizing industry driven inspection methodology. EMF also utilizes certified processing houses for radiographic, x-ray, dye penetrant, and ultrasonic methods among others.

For more information about the cost-saving assembly and integration services available please see the table below or contact us directly.