In-Field Custom Fabrication Services

EMF offers in-field custom fabrication services, with specialized experience in installation, erection, field repair, and existing equipment service. We also provide onsite training, proof loading, and machining services along with capabilities to update bearings, motors, and electronics. Our certified welding expertise includes TIG, MIG, gas, and submerged metal arc welding (SMAW) processes. A range of materials are effectively handled including steel, 4130,4340, and 4140 alloys; stainless steel including 15-5, 17-4, and AL-6XN; aluminum, and magnesium in coil, sheet, bar stock, tubing, and plate raw material forms.

To verify and maintain our high standard of precision, we utilize a wide variety of testing and inspecting protocols ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our work. This includes hardness, pressure, hydrostatic, hydraulic, non-destructive, luminosity, load cell, and functional testing.  Inspection methods include optical CMM, measuring microscopes, radiographic, x-ray, magnetic particle, dye penetrant, and ultrasonic techniques. Turnaround times average 3 weeks, with JIT delivery available. Our value-added services include prototype manufacturing, research and development, product engineering, project management, special packaging. We guide our customers through the entire manufacturing process, from conception to production. For more details about our precision field fabrication services, questions regarding value-added services available please contact us directly.