Proof Load Testing of a Rocker Assembly

At EMF, Inc. we provide comprehensive mechanical testing services for a variety of parts used in the aerospace industry. This rocker assembly is used to perform proof load testing on a steering linkage under hydraulic cylinder loading. Customer specifications required multi-angle and multi-location loading conditions. To accomplish this, we designed a specialized fixture and multiple adapters capable of accommodating the specified loads. In addition, we performed a "test to failure" loading scenario for further data collection.

The procedures and test results were recorded and reported to the customer as requested. As a specialty engineering and machining company, we are very adept at developing innovative testing equipment and procedures for specialized applications. Our convenient location along Florida's Space Coast allows us to efficiently provide full engineering and fabrication support to customers in the aerospace and defense industries. For additional information about this proof load testing project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Proof Load Testing of a Rocker AssemblyProof Load Testing of a Rocker Assembly
Proof Load Testing of a Rocker Assembly
Proof Load Testing SystemsProof Load Testing Systems
Proof Load Testing Systems
Precision Proof Load Testing ServicePrecision Proof Load Testing Service
Precision Proof Load Testing Service

Proof Load Testing of a Rocker Assembly Project Highlights

Product Name
Rocker Assembly
Project Description
We performed proof load testing of a Rocker Assembly for steering linkage
Design Work Performed
Design proof load fixture, perform calculations for hydraulic cylinder loading
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Testing
Multi-angle and multi-location loading requiring specialized fixture and multiple adapters to accommodate load cases
"Test to failure" also performed for further data collection
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Proof load testing
Test for "proof of design" and "test to failure"
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer Standards

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