Career Opportunities

EMF, Inc.  is currently an employer of over 100 plus employees nestled in the quaint community of Merritt Island, Florida. EMF, Inc. was established in 1964 and is proud to say that several of our employees are celebrating over 40 years of service to our company. We have a unique blend of well-established long term employees mixed with the newer entry level employees. 

EMF, Inc. Inc. is a direct employer, however we do on occasion hire contract work if needed. We offer an industrial manufacturing setting as a work center but within our four walls the work is alive with the hum of machinery, torches, tools and saws all working to create highly technically evolved metal works of variable shapes and sizes that will become a part of aerospace history. 

Our two main staffed departments are the Welding shop and the Machine shop. 

The Welding shop employees a large team of welders who work under some of the most advanced engineers in the industry and take on large structural projects. Large or small project, our mission is to turn out products that our customers are 100% satisfied with and to meet all of our quality goals. The team strives to work together to continually learn improved techniques from each other or from our staff of Certified Weld Inspectors.

Our Machinist shop is faced with challenges to meet new developments in the industry.  They step up to those challenges with a combination of technology and high skilled professionals. From the engineers, to the programmers, the set-up, the actual production, deburr, paint, labeling and marking, our machined components have to stand up to some of the most rigorous quality standards and testing.  The machine shop operates with a mix of individual, independent work but also as a team unit. 

EMF, Inc. employees a quality control group, a team of dedicated engineers, a special projects development department, program managers, purchasing agents, and an assembly team and planners. EMF, Inc. offers a competitive wage along with an excellent benefits package. 

Benefits Included:

   • Group Health Insurance 

   • Dental/Vision Insurance 

   • Supplemental Insurance: 

   • Short term/Long term insurance, cancer insurance, accident insurance, life insurance and more 

   • 401K Retirement Plan 

   • Vacation Time 

   • Paid Holiday Time off 

   • Earned Personal/Sick Time 

EMF, Inc. promotes an internal job posting system. We encourage our current employees to grow professionally and advance in their careers.


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